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Early Education & Elementary

MCA Early Education is a Christ-centered, play-based program designed to foster growth for the whole child.


MCA classes offer a safe and stimulating environment for all learners.  Small class size is a vital part of the MCA Early Ed program, and teachers offer a variety of learning experiences to differentiate between the unique strengths and abilities of their learners.


Every aspect of our program reflects our Christian faith - morning assemblies, Bible lessons, and biblical approaches to behavior management. We instill a love of worship, an understanding of our need for a Savior, and deep compassion for others, in all we do. 

Some highlights of our program include:
– Jesus Storybook Bible to guide morning assembly
– Rev. Paul Tripp’s “Culture of Grace” approach toward behavior management
– Positive Action Bible curriculum


Play-Based Curriculum   

We emphasize the process of learning and discovery over the result. Research proves how through play, children acquire the foundations for reading, writing, and logical thinking. We support children in their active explorations and instill confidence in them as independent and inquisitive learners. We provide a safe environment, rich in developmentally-appropriate materials and experiences, where we invite children to explore and take risks.

MCA teachers incorporate holistic learning activities and measure growth across every domain (spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and intellectual). Assessments include quarterly narratives as well as standard based check-ins, and a student portfolio which displays the individual developmental process of a child through work samples, teacher observations, and photographs.


The study of the Bible is foundational to our curriculum. Students study and memorize scripture, develop character qualities, and build a biblical worldview. Building on the Rock, an integrative curriculum, combines Bible survey instructions with worldview training. Worldview study progresses through foundational wisdom and relationships with God, others, and the earth.

LITERACY is a primary focus of our instruction. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are modeled, taught, and assessed. Wilson Fundations® is our main resource for teaching phonemic awareness, phonics, high-frequency word study, spelling, and handwriting. Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z resources strengthen decoding and fluency skills. Wit & Wisdom is the basis of our reading comprehension skills, vocabulary, and writing instruction. These are taught intentionally using quality literature, teacher modeling, small group discussions, and group presentations. 

MATHEMATICS is taught through direct teacher instruction and guided and independent practice. Teachers include fact drill practice, mental math, and the use of manipulatives as a regular part of daily instruction to reinforce skills and concepts taught using McGraw Hill’s My Math. Emphasis is given to understanding both the computational procedures and reasoning concepts of math to harness efficiency along with critical thinking and problem solving.


Students study God's world in PHYSICAL, LIFE & EARTH SCIENCES, developing habits in inquiry, investigation, hypothesis, experimenting, and recording results. Students study God's people in Geography, Civics, Economics, Culture, American and World History, learning facts as well as engaging in lively discussions surrounding social, moral, and ethical issues.  A Christian curriculum (BJU) for Science and Social Studies supports teachers in implementing a strong biblical worldview.

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