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Middle School

The study of the Bible is foundational to our curriculum. Students study and memorize scripture to develop strong character quality and a biblical Worldview

Grades 6-8 apply biblical knowledge and worldview training by examining current issues through use of the Walking in Truth curriculum from Summit Ministries.

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are modeled, taught, and assessed.

Grades 6-8 use Wit & Wisdom as the basis for comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills. These are taught intentionally using quality literature, teacher modeling, small group discussions, Socratic Seminar, and group presentations.

Mathematics is taught through direct teacher instruction and guided and independent practice. Teachers include fact drill practice, mental math, and the use of manipulatives as a regular part of daily instruction to reinforce the taught skills and concepts.

Grades 6-8 use Big Ideas Math and McGraw Hill Algebra 1 as their main instructive and practice resource. Emphasis is given to understanding both the computational procedures and the reasoning concepts of math to harness efficiency along with critical thinking and problem solving. 

Our middle school math program is a compacted pathway of foundations in grade 6, pre-algebra in grade 7, and algebra 1 for all students in grade 8! 

Science and Social Studies encourages students to study God's world in Physical, Life, and Earth Sciences developing habits in inquiry, investigation, hypothesis, experimenting, and recording results. Students study God's people in Geography, Civics, Economics, Culture, American and World History learning facts as well as engaging in lively discussions surrounding social, moral, and ethical issues.

Grade 6-8 use a Christian curriculum (BJU Press) for Social Studies to support our teachers in implementing strong biblical worldview.

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