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Middle School Sports offered on campus for students in grades 6-8

Girls Volleyball (Fall)
Girls Basketball (Fall/Winter)
Boys Volleyball (Fall)
Boys Basketball (Fall/Winter)
Co-ed Track (Spring)

Interscholastic sports provide opportunities for participants to demonstrate Christian values, such as humility, compassion, and respect, even under the stress of competitive play. Everyone involved – players, coaches, and spectators – can witness to the world around them and can, by their behavior and attitude, bring honor to the name of Jesus Christ. The development of such Christian values in our youth and coaches is a high priority of MCA athletics.

Athletic Philosophy
The interscholastic athletic program at Manhattan Christian Academy is an integral part of the entire school structure. Athletics should never be thought of as being separate from, above, or beneath the normal operation of our school. Athletics reflects the character and nature of the school. The athletic programs should comply with and reinforce the school’s overall statement of purpose. Our highest goal is to bring athletics under the lordship of Jesus Christ by encouraging the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and development of all participants through their athletic experiences (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Properly done, athletics are a positive learning experience. The athletes learn to refine their skills and improve their physical fitness. Participants in the program experience the privilege of membership on a team and learn their responsibilities to each other, the coach, the spectators, their school, and their opponents. Being part of the group teaches the important life lesson of placing group goals ahead of personal ones and how to make a personal contribution to the welfare of the team. 

Athletes are taught how to control their emotions and actions in a Christ-like manner, a valuable skill which carries over into everyday life. Athletes learn sportsmanship. More than mere self-control,sportsmanship is being thoughtful, kind, generous, and courteous even while being intensely competitive. Participants learn self discipline and the benefits of hard work. Athletes are encouraged to always use and develop their talents to the fullest. School sports teach team members how to both win and lose with grace and dignity. It is the intent of our athletic program for everyone involved to glorify our Lord through their participation in MCA athletics, whether as fans or as active contestants. 

Eligibility Rules
In order to participate in interscholastic sports at Manhattan Christian Academy the student athlete must:

  • Must be enrolled at Manhattan Christian Academy according to MCA requirements.
  • Have an updated MCA physical examination card on file in the school office prior to any participation (conditioning, including tryouts, practices, and games).
  • Be covered with medical insurance of their own and are up to date with vaccinations.
  • 70% is the required grade needed to participate in the MCA Athletics Program.
  • Be free from misconduct that might cause ineligibility.


Conduct Policy
To be an MCA athlete is an honor. Athletes are regarded by students, fans, and the general public as examples of what MCA is all about. To be sure, the same can be said for some students who are not athletes, but that does not diminish the appropriate expectation that athletes be committed to exemplary and healthy living. Therefore, the following rules will apply to all those participating in athletic preparation and competition at MCA. Generally, the season includes the first day of tryouts and extends through the last day of competition. Consequences for second and third offenses refer to offenses within the same academic year. These standards are held under the light of God’s commands that we may hold our student-athletes, and ourselves, accountable.

Students must be respectful to teachers and fellow students at all times, especially during school hours and any athletic function they are participants in. They must strive at their best to perform actively in their respective classes. Any form of harmful action toward staff or student, will result in revaluation of athletic participation and may result in suspension from the team they currently playing for.

Student-athletes are obligated to attend every practice and contest in order to remain in our sports program. They must learn to keep their commitments to the teams by exercising dedication, integrity, and honesty. Absences can be excused if communicated to the coach or athletic director for personal concerns or sickness. Constant absence will result in removal from the team.

Student-athletes may not use or possess any illegal drugs (marijuana, ecstasy, prescription drugs not prescribed for the athlete, steroids, cocaine, etc.) or drug paraphernalia (pipes, rolling papers, clips, etc.). Participation in illegal drugs will result in an automatic suspension from the team they currently playing for.

The MCA Athletics department may impose penalties greater than those prescribed above for offenses it believes to be more egregious. For example, a student-athlete bullying another student could lead to the offender being suspended from MCA athletic program for the year.

Academic Policy
Students must maintain an 80% average (C) to participate in the athletic program.

If a student falls below grade requirement (D to C-) any classes, the student will be suspended from all sports events until their grade point improves.

Once relieved from suspension, the students will be under close academic supervision. Students that struggle to keep grade at requirement will be removed from their sports team.

If a student is failing multiple classes, they will be removed from their sports team.

Students are required to go to every study hall before practice begins unless provided a legitimate reason for not attending.

Commitment Standards
MCA Athletics does not allow players to selectively remove themselves from practice, scheduled matches, or the team they were selected to be on without the consent of their guardian, or having discussion with the coach. If there is no conversation between the coach and a player before they remove, there will be a reevaluation of the player’s membership to the athletic program.