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A Message from the Head of School


It’s a new day at MCA.

Of course, the school has been ministering effectively in the heart of NYC for over 40 years, and there is much fruit to show from the labors of so many who have worked so hard and long in the fields of the Lord here at MCA.
Yet today, at this crossroads in history, God is powerfully at work in our midst in a new way, shaping and pruning and downloading an ever-clearer vision of what He wants His school to be.

Through this fall I have felt God is saying…“Four decades ago, I called MCA to this purpose: to teach and lead children and young people to discover My voice, My power, My provision and My influence. And now in this crucial day I am refreshing that call.”

As I pondered these words, I began to realize MCA is not just an oasis of peace and safety and wholeness in a turbulent, disorienting and sometimes dangerous city; it is much more than that. MCA is a symbol of the deep heart cry of a generation of young people for truth, for hope and for transformation. Of course, we cannot help everyone.

But we must help more.
More children who desperately need the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and who long to meet the embrace of their loving Savior.
More children who need people who loves them unconditionally.
More children who qualify for and will not be denied acceptance to the finest high schools in this city and the best colleges in this great country.
More children with a strong character who are willing to stand alone, if necessary, for what is right.
More children who can say, wherever God has called them, “I belong here. Regardless of my past, my challenges and the obstacles before me, I belong here. I have been equipped with the faith, knowledge, skills and character I need to succeed…and I will succeed, by hard work and the grace of God.”

This is the fruit of our work. This is our great privilege.

Come and see what the Lord is doing at MCA. Once you experience it, you will understand. And you just might hear God whisper to your heart, “Join us.”

-Tom Argersinger, Head of School